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Do 26 press-ups – or 260
Get 26 pals together for an online workout – for 26 minutes
Dame Kelly Holmes
Jonny Wilkinson
Hula hoop 26 times
Roger Black
Walk up and down your stairs 26 times
Miss Rory
Trevor Nelson
David Weir
Complete 26 laps of the garden on foot, scooter or roller skates
Do 26 star jumps
Charlie Martin
Hold the plank for 26 seconds or 2.6 minutes (that’s 156 seconds!)
Christian Fuchs
Shareefa J
Stretch with 26 minutes of pilates or yoga
Do 26 cartwheels
Chris Kamara
Take your dog for a 26 minute walk
Shane Warne
Put on some music and dance for 26 minutes
Ben Kay
Will Greenwood
Run up and down your front path 26 times
Bike ride for 2.6 miles or kms
Tamsin Greenway
Walk 2.6km (that’s 3,412 steps!) around your house (in fancy dress if you like!)
Konrad Bartelski
Angellica Bell
Jump 26 times on a trampoline
Paul Grayson
Complete 26 shoulder shrugs
Try 26 sofa-triceps dips
Run 2.6 miles or kms (indoors, outdoors or on the spot!)
Jessica Ennis-Hill
Lee Westwood
Throw and catch a ball 26 times
Helen Richardson-Walsh

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